From my teenage years I have been fascinated to understand what makes us tick inside - in particular on the emotional plane. Because of this I studied psychology when I left school. The course ultimately left me dissatisfied. At that time, in the early 1970's, psychology seemed to lack the subtlty of perception to interest me. Still I was awarded a B Sc (Hons) and worked for many years with children and community groups, mainly using drama as a tool for self-expression and self-discovery.  I even taught for a time in the Drama Department at the University of Newcastle, and contemplated studying for an MA there. 

I was drawn to study homeopathy after having success  treating my family and myself. with homeopathy for a variety of complaints. Homeopathy appealed to me in particular, because, in classical homeopathy, the emotional and mental state of the patient is often pivotal in making a prescription. I practise in Sydney, after graduating from the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine with an Adv Dip Hom in 2002. I am a member of the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) and registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH). 

I love educating the community about homeopathy. I teach a ‘Natural Healing at Home’ course which is an introduction to homeopathy, and a guide for using homeopathy to treat minor ailments. I have developed and teach ‘Homeopathy for Childbirth’ for doulas, and I have lectured to degree students at Endeavour College of Natural Health.


I also hves a strong love of and commitment to meditation, and have been a meditation teacher for many years. I now teach a very enriching course: Mindful Self Compassion (see home page for more details).


Use medicines only as directed. If symptoms persist see your health practitioner.

This advice does not replace professional care. These suggestions are for treatment of minor ailments only

and are not suitable for treatment of chronic, serious or ongoing illness. 

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