Do you sometimes feel like you know where, who or how you want to be, yet there seems to be an invisible barrier blocking you being able to become that? You can articulate what needs to change, yet you can't seem to make that change happen.

One thing I love about homeopathy and about mindfulness practice is that both can effect transformation. In very different ways, both support us to move beyond our perceived limitations.


In my homeopathic practice I listen to your story, what is feeling blocked in your life, how you would like things to be. This is part of a very detailed case taking which guides me to select a homeopathic remedy that reflects your unique situation. And generally, change begins to happen. 


The first step in mindfully relating to difficult emotions is acknowledge that the pain exists; you can't heal what you can't feel . If we can simply be present to the pain, it will eventually dissipate of its own accord. This is a skill that takes practice. There are many, many variants in applying this practice. 

Homeopathy is also about healing the physical body, however the physical, mental and emotional  states are all viewed as reflecting an imbalance that needs to be addressed. When someone comes with primarily physical complaints, it can be their mental or emotional state that informs the most suitable treatment. Contrariwise, when someone presents with an emotional or mental issue, some interesting physical symptom may help point the way to the most suitable remedy.

Essentially both homeopathy and mindfulness are about restoring balance when there is imbalance. These modalities are low-risk and natural, and the effects can be striking.   What’s not to like?