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2 x 2 hour webinar with Katja Behrens


In this webinar series, English homeopath, Katja Behrens, conveys the essence

of the key presentations from the Homeopathy One Conference held in Bruges last October.

Nine leading homeopaths shared their respective approaches to case taking, case analysis

and prescribing, in an unprecedented show of unity in diversity.


You will learn about the approaches of:

  • Jeremy Sherr:                   

    •  ‘Keep it Simple’

  • Massimo Mangialovori:   

    • Complexity

  • Jonathan Hardy:               

    • Group Themes and Systems

  • Jan Scholten:                     

    • Plant Theory

  • Michal Yakir:                       

    • The Plant Table

  • Rajan Sankaran:                 

    • Synergy


You will also:

         Study their cases, case taking techniques and other tools

         Find commonalities and appreciate differences

         Receive added examples and insights for more clarity and understanding

         Have the opportunity for questions and answers.


Monday March 12 – 7.30 – 9.30pm AEDT

Monday March 19 – 7.30 – 9.30pm AEDT


Webinar Fee: $65.00


The webinar will be presented on the zoom.us platform

Login details will be sent via email prior to the start of each session

Sessions will be recorded and will be available for 2 weeks

Katja Behrens studied physiotherapy in Berlin and went on to practice as a cranial sacral therapist. She then studied homeopathy at the School of Homeopathy founded by Mischa Norland, and has subsequently undertaken extensive postgraduate training with Rajan Sankaran. As well has having a thriving practice, Katja is a mentor and clinical supervisor at her former college and has presented webinars to practitioners and students in the UK and Japan. Katja is thorough and insightful in her analysis and understanding of homeopathic theory and practice.

A student who has already participated in this webinar series shared:


Hi Katja! This week I watched the first webinar almost through - it was truly very interesting and full of fresh insight. I learned so much new: practical tips, remedies and methodology. Felt actually like I had attended the seminar.

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