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What to Expect after Taking Your Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is unlike any other form of healing. It helps if you can understand something about how homeopathic medicines work for you to get the most out of your treatment.


Homeopathic treatment is about restoring balance.

To a homeopath, the symptoms you experience reflect how your being is out of balance.  This can be physical, emotional and or mental. 

  • The selected medicine aims to redress this imbalance. 

  • It acts like a catalyst not a supplement.

Importantly, that means you don’t have to keep taking the medicine for there to be ongoing benefit. Improvement can continue long after you stop taking the medicine.


Possible responses after taking the homeopathic medicine.

Once your homeopathic medicine is identified, we need to observe how that medicine interacts with you as an individual.  The initial instructions you are given are a general guideline only.


Together, we collaborate to refine the process depending on how you respond.


Sometimes, initially, your symptoms may get worse.

A slight aggravation of symptoms, while uncomfortable, can also be a sign of deep healing.

  • While this happens rarely, it is not necessarily a bad sign.

  • Think about clearing a blocked drain. All the ‘gunk’ has to come out first. 


An aggravation of symptoms is a sign to stop taking the medicine.

  • Your body has been stimulated enough.

  • Contact me. We can assess how best to manage things from this point.


Sometimes there is an improvement in only some of your symptoms.

If the improvement is in the mental and emotional state, but physical symptoms don’t change initially, try to be patient.  Homeopathic understanding is that we want healing to happen from the deepest mental and emotional levels.

  • If the physical symptoms become uncomfortable, or do not lessen after some time, we can repeat the same medicine at a level that is less deep acting.

  • If some of the physical symptoms improve and not others, it is a sign that we need to go deeper in the case taking. This can be done at a follow up appointment.


Sometimes, after a brief improvement, symptoms return.

This means that it’s time to repeat the medicine.

If this is still not effective, it can be a sign that your case needs to be taken again.


The General Rule for taking a homeopathic medicine.

Only repeat the medicine when any initial improvement begins to wane.

  • This could happen after 7 days or after 7 months.

  • If you notice improvement is wearing off, please contact me and I can advise about taking further doses.

There is no need wait until your next appointment.


Homeopathy is highly individualised and treats the whole person.

That is why you have been asked about so many different aspects of your life, your health, and your experience. Whatever the symptoms you are experiencing, they are part of who you are, so “who you are” has a bearing on selecting your homeopathic medicine.


There may be dozens, even hundreds of homeopathic medicines indicated for a particular complaint. As a homeopath I am trying to identify which of these many medicines best aligns with every aspect of you.


What if new symptoms emerge over time?

Life is full of changes. New stresses in your life can trigger new symptoms.

  • If you have experienced trauma in your life, the aftereffects will usually emerge in a ‘rolling’ pattern over time. Most probably you will need a range of medicines.

  • Further consultations can help identify what you need to balance the new state that has emerged.


When in doubt, please contact me.

I am committed to supporting and guiding you to feeling your best. When you notice you are out of balance, please reach out.

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