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Restoring Self-Belief
Individual Mindfulness Train

Does self-doubt & harsh self-criticism

keep you from living your life fully

and achieving your heartfelt goals?

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Learn how to release self-doubt
and develop inner resources to befriend your mind
and reclaim your power to fulfill your vision and abilities:
in your work, your relationships and your life in general. 

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  • Gain understanding of how neglect, criticism, and shame  trigger your body’s primitive threat response, causing negative beliefs to become enmeshed in your nervous system.

  • Learn mindfulness practices that support you to be present to the energy underlying these beliefs in ways that enables softening and release.

  • Develop resources to build inner strength & resilience.

Why is it so difficult to shift negative beliefs?

If you are constrained by self-doubt, it could be because

  • You suffered from childhood neglect or abuse

  • You grew up in a critical household

  • You were marginalised in your culture for ethnicity, religion, gender, body image etc

  • You suffered from intergenerational shame


From birth, the messages we receive from our caregivers guide our first understanding of ourselves. If our experience is of being nurtured and cared for, we feel safe, loved, validated. If our needs are ignored, or we experience abuse, we feel unsafe. Alarm bells are set off in the nervous system. 


Instead of recognising that our caregivers are inadequate or at fault, our immature reasoning is that this neglect is a sign that there is something inherently wrong with us. It is our fault. The seeds of unworthiness and self-doubt are sewn.

When this happens, the brain reacts as if it were facing physical danger and defaults to survival mode,  triggering primitive flight, fight or freeze responses. When freeze or immobility response is triggered, especially when fight or flight are not available options, the outer expression may be immobility, but internally the nervous system is ‘buzzing’. It is like having one foot pressed down hard on the accelerator of a car and the other flat on the brake; a state of hyper-arousal. Without an outlet for this energy, it gets trapped in the body. Negative beliefs about ourselves become enmeshed in this energy.

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How do we release this blocked energy & our negative beliefs?

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When you learn to be mindfully present

to the physical sensations in the body

where this trapped energy is held,  

the holding pattern is able to soften

and gradually release. 


Steps to healing:

  • Take it gently, a little at a time to assimilate change and not become overwhelmed

  • Acknowledge the uncomfortable inner experiences that you might usually avoid

  • Connect with the emotion/s that underlie these experiences

  • Be present to the physical sensations in the body that show up when you feel the emotion

  • Attend to these sensations with a caring, accepting attitude

It is also helpful to learn to anchor your awareness and to build inner resources.

This ensures stability is maintained while connecting with these relics from the past.

I invite you to work with me

to learn new ways of relating to your inner experience

that can support restoring self-belief

and enable you to live your life and your dreams fully. 

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