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Homeopathy Frequently asked Questions

What can I expect in a homeopathic consultation?

As a homeopath, I am interested in the unique features of your condition, and aim to identify the  homeopathic medicine that best matches your individual symptoms.


Your first consultation can last up to one and a half hours. I gather information about your presenting complaint, and take a detailed medical and personal history in which emotional and environmental stresses play an important part. I try to understand your situation at the deepest possible level.


Follow up consultations usually last around 1 hour.

How often should I have an appointment?

After the first consultation we usually wait about 4 weeks to assess the effectiveness of the treatment., although I do ask you to report to me after about a week to help monitor your progress.  Further appointments at 4 to 6 week intervals will be made as required. Usually, over time, the frequency diminishes and you would only need to come back if symptoms recur, or a new complaint emerges.

What are homeopathic medicines made from?

Homeopathic medicines are derived from vegetable, mineral and animal sources. The preparation of each medicine follows strict pharmaceutical guidelines.


The medicines are usually dispensed in either pillule or drop form.


By their nature, homeopathic medicines are low risk. The method of preparation makes them non-toxic and non-addictive. They can be used during pregnancy and while taking conventional medications. They can be used by people of all ages, even the family pet! However, they should always be taken under the guidance of a qualified homeopath.

How are the medicines prescribed? 

Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed on many different levels.


Constitutional prescribing provide a general boost to the immune system. Your physical symptoms and mental state will help identify the constitutional medicine that you need.


Acute medicines may be necessary to treat the particular symptoms of a cold, flu, gastro attach etc. They can also be used for particular situations eg jet lag, carsickness.


First Aid medicines aid recovery from bruises, sprains, fractures, burns, bites & stings etc. 


To learn about acute and first aid treatment, you can attend a Homeopathy First Aid at Home course, and learn how to prescribe remedies for these situations.


How are homeopaths regulated in Australia?

The Australian Register of Homeopaths Ltd is the national registration body for professional homeopaths and is the receiver and arbiter of complaints from the public against registered members. Homeopaths registered with the board have qualifications matched to ARoH competency Standards and are required to meet the Board’s continuing education and insurance requirements each year. Email admin@aroh.com.au


The ARoH member association in NSW is the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA) NSW branch. AHA has branches in each state and is the largest professional homeopathic association in Australia. All member associations of ARoH have a Constitution, which includes a Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedure.

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