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Do you sometimes feel like you know where, who or how you want to be,

yet there is a sense of an invisible barrier blocking your being able to become that?

You can articulate what needs to change, yet are unable to make that change happen.



How are you and your family going in at this time? 


You may be experiencing increased stress and anxiety.

The uncertainty and change can be triggering our deeper fears.

Both homeopathy and mindfulness practices can provide invaluable support in helping to balance the emotional vulnerability.

I am still conducting consultations, both online, using a secure platform call Coviu, and face to face in the clinic if you prefer. I can mail remedies to you or arrange for you to pick up from the clinic.

If you have concerns about your health or that of your family; for now, or for the coming months, know that homeopathic medicine can support your immune system, helping you to stay healthy and offer relief of symptoms if you are unwell.

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The TGA has been very specific that complementary medicine practitioners may not make claims about treating and preventing covid-19. That said, homeopaths around the world have been studying the symptom patterns and indeed been    successful in supporting those afflicted.


Please call, text or email if you want to know more.



Noted homeopath, Rajan Sankaran gives a clear explanation of homeopathy



A 5-Week OnlineCourse Based on

Mindful Self-Compassion Practices

Learn how to comfort and calm your mind, and build emotional strength and resilience 

Wednesday Evenings

4 August - 1 September 2021

7.00 - 8.30pm AEST

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Get some understanding of how how homeopathic treatment can support you and your family.

I am not able to prescribe from this conversation, however it can help you appreciate the extent and limitations of what homeopathic treatment can offer in relation to your particular concerns.


Call 0413 010 050 to arrange a time when we can discuss your concerns. 

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In this webinar you will :

Learn to apply principles of homeopathy

to naturally support your health and that of  your family. 

Receive a hand book and first aid kit with  21 homeopathic remedies.

Held online over 2 Saturdays

28 August & 4 September 2021

3.00 - 5.00pm



1/30 Elizabeth St

Artarmon, NSW, 2064


0413 010 050

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