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Deep Healing with Homeopathy & Mindfulness

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Release the constraints that

childhood neglect and trauma have had on your capacity

to embody and act as

your authentic, heartfelt self.



In my final term of high school, I came down with an unnamed viral infection. When my headmistress commented: ‘We know you wouldn’t have any emotional problems, you’re such a happy well-balanced girl,’ my heart sank. I knew I was sick because I was deeply unhappy, even though I couldn’t have told you why. My ‘happy well-balanced’ act was so polished that no one picked it up.


When I was six, I was sexually assaulted by a family ‘friend’. My parents failed to notice or acknowledge anything was amiss, and this person continued to be a regular visitor at our house. Six-year-old me drew six-year-old conclusions. One was that I obviously didn’t matter, my needs were of no importance. The other was that the experience of abuse, which felt so very wrong, must have been my fault. And the only way my six-year-old self could survive this situation was to internally 'wall off' the experience, blocking out what would otherwise be overwhelming. The good girl act was one of my ways of coping. Falling ill in my final year of school represented the first crack in this façade.


Through my adult life I have been working to assimilate and heal the impacts of this childhood trauma, both the assault on my young body and the sense of not being seen, of not mattering. I have undergone and studied different healing modalities, and I have learned to be very gentle in this process, allowing what arises in my body, my emotions and mental state to dictate the pace of healing rather than either pushing too hard or avoiding what is calling out for attention.


I am not alone in experiencing childhood trauma. Even without experiencing identifiable, trauma many people have suppressed overwhelming experiences and emotions simply to survive when no other resources were available. Does this sounds like you? I am committed to working to support you to both heal from trauma, and to re-claim what is your inherent worth. I practice as a homeopath and also teach mindfulness practices based on self-compassion. Both modalities can support deep healing.


Homeopathy can help shift deep emotional blocks, helping to bring you back into a balanced state when overwhelm threatens. I have honed my knowledge and skills in the modality for over twenty years, supporting others who have suffered childhood trauma or other adverse emotional experience.


Meditation has been an anchor in my life for over forty years. In 2018 I trained to teach Mindful Self-Compassion and I now teach self-compassion and related practices to support you to soften the inner defences and enable gentle healing.

Why I do what I do

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Homeopathy is a traditional form of medicine.

It was developed by German physician

Dr Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. 


In homeopathy we treat the whole person

rather than the disease.

The aim is to stimulate your body's

innate healing capacity to relieve

the underlying causes of dis-ease.


Your unique symptoms and experience are explored.

Mental and emotional stresses are often pivotal

in making a homeopathic prescription

even when your primary concern is physical.


The range of conditions that can be

supported with homeopathy is vast:

from simple first aid to deep pathology

as well states of mental and emotional distress.

Homeopathy Consultation

In a homeopathic consultation,

we explore every aspect of your experience, including your current symptoms and emotional stresses.

This detailed case taking  guides

the selection of a homeopathic

medicine that reflects your

unique situation and symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from vegetable, mineral and

animal sources, following strict pharmaceutical guidelines.

Homeopathy Courses

Learn how to support yourself

and your family with natural medicines.

Sick of the Flu Season?

Free webinar in which you can learn how 

to relieve symptoms naturally. 

Wednesday 15 May 7.30 - 8.30pm 

Homeopathy First Aid at Home

online course over two sessions

Tuesday 25 June -3 July 2024 7.30 - 9.30pm

Mindfulness & Meditation

I combine self-compassion practices

with trauma sensitive mindfulness

and an understanding of somatic healing,

to teach you how to relate to inner challenges.

You can experience deep healing

when you learn how to turn towards

uncomfortable thoughts and feelings

with kindness, acceptance and curiosity.


It is important to learn how to do this

in a way that ensures emotional safety,

minimising any sense of overwhelm.

You can work with me individually, or take part in a self-compassion course.

I also offer basic mindfulness and meditation sessions in corporate settings. 

(Mindfulness training is not a substitute for counselling.)

Individual Sessions
Restoring Self-Belief

Learn to release

self-doubt and develop 

inner resources using

mindfulness practices.

Gain skills that will support your continued healing.

Mindfulness Courses
Nurturing Self-Compassion

An 5-week course based on

Mindful Self-Compassion practices


North Sydney Community Centre

Next course starting

Saturday 4 May 2024

Supporting your Team
Corporate Meditation

I tailor meditation sessions for your corporate event.

Single sessions and ongoing weekly sessions are available.


Get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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Free 20 Minute

Introductory Conversation

How can homeopathic treatment and

mindfulness training support you?

 Arrange a time to talk with me

about your needs and they best way

that I can support you.

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