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Is it a circle or a spiral?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Circle becomes spiral image

How do you view your experience? Especially when you come up against an emotional challenge that you thought you had already worked through. Say, falling into a bout of self-doubt when you are working towards something you had always wanted.

It can feel like you are going round in circles: ‘I thought I had resolved this issue, and here it is again! Nothing has changed.’

If you shift the perspective slightly, the circle can become a spiral. Now it’s a different story. True, the familiar pain or sense of limitation has shown up, only now you can appreciate that each time it reappears you are connecting with it at a deeper level, gradually getting closer to the core. At each recurrence you resolve part of the bigger issue.

To touch on it all at once would likely overwhelm your system, reinforcing trauma rather than easing it. The somatic intelligence of the body knows how much you can sustain at any one time. Better to assimilate the smaller dose, aware that the issue may return again and again, and each time a fragment of your being can be healed.


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