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Making Menopause a Graceful Transition

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Menopause is a time of transition. It signals the end of a woman’s ‘biological creativity’, the child bearing years. It marks the start of a new phase, in which our creativity can find new channels of expression, and a deeper wisdom can emerge.

In my mother’s time menopause had particularly bad press: loss of fertility and attractiveness, unsettling physical and emotional symptoms, especially in the peri-menopause or lead up phase. And afterwards - a barren existence.

Today this bleak picture is shifting. Menopause is being acknowledged as a rite of passage and an opportunity to reconnect with a sense of our inherent power as individuals.

Yet, as with any transition, we may need support as we adjust to physical, emotional and even spiritual changes that accompany what is essentially a major shift in the hormone cycles and levels in our bodies.

Homeopathy - A Low Risk Option

- Homeopathy uses immeasurably small doses of natural medicine to stimulate the body’s innate healing ability.

- Homeopathy can provide low risk, natural support to women undergoing menopause, supporting the hormone system to achieve a natural and easeful transition.

- Homeopathy is highly individualised. The unique symptoms that you experiences will determine which homeopathic preparation is prescribed.

Homeopathy Can Help Ease:

- hot flushes

- mood swings & depression

- sleep difficulties

- menstrual changes f

- ibroids & endometriosis

- loss of libido

- vaginal dryness

- stress incontinence

And Can Help Support:

- breast health

- bone health

- heart health

The Homeopathic Consultation

The initial homeopathic consultation lasts 90 minutes. Detailed medical and personal history is gathered as well as information about the presenting condition.

Follow up consultations, to assess progress and decide on further treatment, last 1 hour and occur at 4 week intervals.

Contact me at ann@restoringhealth.com.au or 0413 010 050 to make an appointment or to discuss your situation further.


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