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Ear Infection Resolved - My First Homeopathic Success

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

When my daughter was one, she suffered from a series of middle ear infections. Each time I took her to the doctor, who prescribed a course of antibiotics. The infection would clear up, but then about 6 weeks later an infection would develop in her ears again.

After the 6th bout, I started doing some research. Among other books I read ‘Toddler Training’ by Dr Christopher Green. In the section: Treatment of Middle Ear Infection I read: “… research suggests that ear infection may recover just as well if antibiotics are not given at all.”(p 381)

This was a revelation. So when the next infection occurred I did not go to the doctor. I trusted recovery would happen without antibiotics. Except that later that day, I had to deal with my child, screaming from the pain.

I had taken previously taken her to see a homeopath a few times, urged on by a friend who was very enthusiastic about homeopathy. So I rang the homeopath for help. She wasn't’ there. I had also bought a homeopathic handbook for home treatment. Under the section ‘Earache’ there was a description that matched my daughter’s symptoms, and it was for a remedy that I had on hand.

I administered 1 dose. Within 20 minutes the crying had ceased. And not only did the infection resolve without further treatment, there were no more middle ear infections.

The following year I enrolled to study homeopathy.

20 years on I have a successful homeopathic practice. Results aren’t always as impressive as daughter’s, described above, still more often than not, homeopathic treatment has a positive impact on a broad range of both mental and physical conditions.



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