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The Simplicity of Homeopathy 2

An Online Mentoring Course with

Dr Rajan Sankaran

16 sessions over 7 months

15 hours of live session and 20 hours of recorded sessions

Starting Saturday 21 August 2021 – 6.00pm AEST

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 10.07.38 am.pn

There will be a mix of content:

*Live sessions with live cases conducted by Dr Sankaran

*Recorded sessions from similar courses with Brazilian and Swiss homeopaths

*Live Q & A Sessions with Dr Sankaran


Those who have not participated in Simplicity of Homeopathy 1 can complete an optional 5 x 3.5 hours introductory course of recorded sessions starting from 1 July. You will have 2 months to complete this course at your own pace. Cost AU$195.00

Early Bird (until 14 July) AU$395.00

Regular cost for the course AU$450.00

Can be paid in 3 x $155.00 instalments

(registration closes August 18)

Session Details



Series III

with Dr Rajan Sankaran

'Homoeopathy is best learned

when a student is exposed

to an experienced practitioner in practice,

and observes the art of case-taking,

understanding the totality

and the process of coming to a remedy.'

  • All cases include analysis, explanation on video by the masters, and follow-ups.

  • An opportunity to watch, discuss and analyse each case.

  • Guidance to combine repertory, materia medica, sensation and synergy approach to reach the similimum.

  • A learning tool for:

    • how to approach the case,

    • case taking  and

    • accurate remedy selection.

  • Transcripts of each case will be provided to support you study.

Final Session

Sunday 1 November

10am - 1pm

1/30 Elizabeth St Artarmon 2064 NSW



The Other Song Academy – Supporting Homeopaths in Australia


For the past four years,The Other Song Academy, based in Mumbai India, has been providing invaluable advanced training for Australian homeopaths.


The other song academy was established by Dr Rajan Sankaran, to provide advanced training in homoeopathy, in particular the integration of classical methodologies with the newer approaches, such as the Sensation Method and Synergy. Each year the International arm of the academy offers courses such as “The 12 Daysof Mastery:Mastering Homeopathy with the Masters” and ‘My week with Rajan’, A6-day live-case based course with Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Details are available on the website https://www.theothersong.com/international

In Australia we are fortunate that the other song also offers trainings locally:

  • Online Mentorship Program

  • Advanced Practitioner Program:4-6day workshops based in Sydney (and accessible via webcast throughout Australia)

  • Dr Sankaran’s Video Case Series based in Sydney.

  • Seminars focusing on specific topics.

The Australian programmes are presented by Dr Rishi Vyas, Dr Pratik Desai and Dr Meghna Shah, in-house consultants from the other song academy, who have extensive experience both as practitioners and teachers. These consultants continue to work with Dr Sankaran and his colleagues to enhance their knowledge and understanding of case taking, case analysis, and materia medica, particularly from the kingdom perspective.


Online Mentorship

The online mentorship programme has been running since August 2016. Small groups of meet fortnightly with their mentorvia the online zoom app with the main focus being the analysis of paper cases. This format provides consistent support over an extended period of time.


The content is responsive to issues that arise during the sessions, and can include:

  • Case taking skills including pitfalls during case taking

  • Recommendations of directions at difficult stages of the case

  • Analysis of the case leading to kingdom, sub-kingdom and remedy

  • Detailed discussion of the chosen remedy’s kingdom/family

  • Deliberation within the group with differential diagnosis

  • How to use repertory and material medica with sensation prescribing

Participants also have the opportunity to present their own cases, both successful cases and those which they are finding challenging.


One participant shared: ‘The mentoring sessions as being both enjoyable and challenging. I have realised it is not solely about identifying the ‘right’ remedy. Understanding how I ‘missed’ the cues is also valuable learning, especially as this can be accompanied by the mentor giving fresh insightsinto the ‘wrong’remedy and it’s kingdom relationship. And I really appreciate the approach of the mentors; they are very patient and accepting.Theynever make you feel like you are stupid.‘


Another participant, who has been with the programme from the start shared:

‘I have become a much less lazy homeopath. The mentorship programme constantly challenges my thinking. Both my knowledge and perception have been refined so that I am able understand my patients at a deeper level, and provide more accurate and long lasting prescriptions.’


Starting in 2020, a new mentoring group has been formed. There are still spaces available for anyone who is interested to join this group.


Advanced Practitioner Programme

Since July 2018, consultants from the other song academy have travelled periodically to Australia and conducted intensive workshops lasting 4 – 6 days by Dr Rishi Vyas, Dr Pratik Desai and Dr Meghna Shah from the other song.


The backbone of the workshops is the study of video and live cases.

This study provides an opportunity for participants to develop further insights into the synergy approach, including:

  • the integration of various modes of analysis from materiamedica, repertory and sensation .

  • The basic concepts of kingdom, case taking, level of experience, miasm etc.


While the workshops are based in Sydney, it is possible to participate from distant locations via the zoom app. The intensive study supports deep shifts in learning, and the small group size ensure active participation for all.


One participant shared:

I loved this workshop – it has been one of the best I have attended. Dr Rishi is a great teacher and presenter. I enjoyed the workshop format in a small group which provided for great learning. I learnt a lot from every case and especially from attempting to solve the cases myself before being presented with Dr Rishi’s view and analysis. I also got a lot out of the repertorisation hints and the suggestions on how to map the case-taking information. I will practice this way of analysing my own cases in the future.


Another said:

‘The latest workshop was hugely beneficial for me. I feel very privileged to having the opportunity to learn in this hands on and very interactive environment. I can see a clear improvement in my case-taking abilities and ability to perceive what is important in the case since the last workshop. There is a clear advantage in having consistent exposure to the high level of expertise that is offered by The Other Song mentors. Dr Pratik is a great teacher and presenter who is well versed in taking cases and has exceptional Materia Medica knowledge. In this workshop I particularly enjoyed being exposed to the subtleties of case-taking while witnessing the live cases and being able to immediately discuss the process.’


Another shared about the workshop with Dr Meghna:

‘This was an enjoyable and very helpful workshop, good in all ways, and especially because of the intimacy of it: the relatively few participants allowed for better interaction and learning than if it were very large. Dr Meghna was so knowledgeable and so passionate, dedicated and insightful, as well as being such a warm and pleasant communicator.

In particular I learned the following about case-taking:

  • Don’t rush, go with the patient, feed the information back to patient.

  • Be confident that the sensation will be reached in the consultation, that it is there, that it will be found, and that it will be efficacious. Give this confidence to your patient

  • There are often lots of options, lots of avenues to explore in the case taking.’


A particular valuable aspect of the workshops is the live cases. A participant writes:

‘I invited a number of patients whose cases I was struggling with to have their cases taken by the doctors. It was very enlightening to observe them take these cases; I could clearly see where I had made limiting choices in the questions I had asked these patients; the case taking principles that we have been learning really came to life.’


Dr Sankaran’s Video Case Series

The video case series is the newest format being offered. Monthly sessions are held in Sydney. Participants view recordings of cases being taken by Dr Sankaran. They then discuss the case together before viewing a recording of Dr Sankaran’s analysis. Remedy selection is accompanied by a powerpoint presentation giving context of the remedy.


A participant shares: ‘I find myself focussing on Dr Sankaran; the information he chooses to follow up, and questions he asks really help shape my understanding. It is a treat to have this opportunity here in Sydney.’



When Dr Meghna Shah visited Sydney last year, as well as leading a workshop she presented a seminar ‘Insight into Reptiles’. Dr Meghna had done a lot of the background research into Dr Sankaran’s book on reptiles and we were fortunate to have her share some of her knowledge of this remedy group with us.


There are plans for Dr Sankaran himself to visit Australia in 2021 and present a seminar on the further exploration into the remedies of the plant kingdom that his group has made. Stay posted.

Current courses being offered are listed below.

The format includes:

  • Discussions of solved cases provided by the mentors in advance of the sessions to refine understanding of:

    • Case taking skills

    • Pitfalls during case taking

    • Recommendations of directions at difficult stages 

    • Perceiving the patient as a whole

    • Analysis of the case leading to kingdom, sub-kingdom and remedy

    • Detailed discussion of the chosen remedy’s kingdom/family

    • Deliberation of differential diagnosis within the group 

    • How to use repertory and material medica with sensation prescribing


  • Discussion of cases presented by participants

    • Where you have become stuck, and where to go from there

    • Discussion of follow up prescriptions

    • When to change the remedy and/or potency, and when to wait and see

    • When to repeat the the same remedy


  • Plenty of time for questions and answers

Online Mentoring Sessions
Synergy & Sensation

Work in small groups to refine

your understanding and skills

in applying synergy and sensation method

to case analysis

6 Fortnightly Sessions Beginning

Currently Online Mentoring Sessions

are on hold.  

Total Cost is AU$420.00

Pay in full before first session: $395.00

Or 2 payments:$210.00 before session 1

                             $210.00 before session 4



Dr Rishi R. Vyas

M.D. (Hom.)

Dr. Rishi Vyas is an In-house Consultant and Faculty member at the ‘the other song’ clinic. He has played a vital role in shaping the institute since its inception in 2011.  He graduated from Panchsheel Homeopathic Medical College. Training at the college, he gained experience treating patients in rural area. He did his internship in Chandaben Medical College and Mumbadevi Hospital, Mumbai, following it up with masters in Medicine from Foster Homeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad. He assisted Dr. Rajan Sankaran in his charitable OPD in Mumbadevi Homeopathic Hospital. He was also the member of WWR I team (Wednesdays with Rajan I – an online homoeopathic training program). Dr Rishi gained valuable clinical experience working with Dr. Kamlesh Mehta managing acute as well as chronic cases, supervising and conducting training for interns, and junior assistants in the clinic.


He is known for his dedication, hard work, sensitivity and personalized care for every case. He is an efficient clinician and an experienced team leader. His thirst for knowledge led him to ardently pursue various schools of thoughts and approaches in Homoeopathy, and he is able to integrate them effortlessly.  His unique style of teaching and application of repertory to case analysis have been widely appreciated. His lectures on Sensation and Synergy have also been well received. His cases have published in various peer reviewed journals such as Homoeopathic Heritage, National journal of Homoeopathy, and online magazine like H-pathy & Interhomeopathy.

RIshi Vyas.png

Meet The Mentors



Dr Meghna Shah 


Dr Meghna Shah has been the Dean and faculty at ‘the other song’ academy, Mumbai since its inception in 2011.


She has co-authored the book ‘Survival – The Reptiles’ (Volume 1 and 2) with Dr Rajan Sankaran. She has also assisted in the preparation of several other books by Dr Sankaran: ‘Exact, Complete and In depth – The eight box method of case analysis’ (under print), Art of follow-up’, ‘Dog, Yogi, Banyan tree’, ‘The Synergy in homeopathy’, ‘the Structure- Experiences with Mineral Kingdom, ‘the other song’ ‘An insight into the plant kingdom and ‘The Schema’ to name the few.


She was instrumental in starting the ‘insight-alliance homoeopathic’ web group and played a key role in creating first web series of Wednesday with Rajan (WWR).


She has taught nationally and internationally by organizing video series and seminars. She is an ardent follower of Homoeopathy, and having trained under Dr. Rajan Sankaran for 10 years she is perhaps one of the best practitioners and teachers of Homoeopathy from among the newer generation.


Dr. Meghna has worked in the Mumbai homoeopathic hospital after receiving her degree in 2000. She also possesses tremendous insight into human psychology.




Dr Pratik Desai

D.H.M.S, F.C.A.H, C.C.A.H

Dr. Pratik Desai is an in-house consultant and faculty member at ‘the other song’ clinic. He played a key role in the establishment of the clinic in 2011. He is responsible for developing a Homeopathic OPD of ‘tos’ at Lion’s Tarachand Bapa hospital, Sion. His keen interest in teaching has led him to become a co-ordinator and mentor for the Dr Batras group of doctors. He is appointed as a mentor for university courses conducted by MUHS at ‘the other song’.  Many of students at ‘tos’ academy seek guidance from him for his knowledge and experience in homeopathy, and his mentoring is greatly appreciated by international students from Canada, UK, France, Romania, Australia and New Zealand. His love for homeopathy propelled him to contribute to the literature by conducting provings of remedies such as dysprosium metallicum and carbon dioxide.


Dr Pratik is the master mind behind creation of the homeopathic database software for ‘the other song’. He has been sharing his clinical experience and successful cases in various Homoeopathic journals such as Heritage, Interhomeopathy, Links, NJH and many others. Before his association with ‘the other song’, he was a lecturer in the department of Materia Medica at Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical college, Ahmedabad, from where he has graduated in 1998. Since then he has been following and practicing the approach of Dr Rajan Sankaran.


Currently he lives in joint family with his mother, elder brother’s family and wife who is also a homeopath.

Pratik Desai.png
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