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Natural Support During Pregnancy - for Mother & Baby Using Tissue Salts

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Some years the kinesiologist at the clinic where I worked, rushed into my room very excited, saying:

‘I’ve just seen the healthiest pregnant woman I’ve ever come across. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was following a pregnancy tissue salt protocol prescribed by B (one of my colleagues).’

I immediately contacted that colleague who explained the protocol to me. She had learned about it when studying in the UK.

Over the years I have prescribed this protocol for many of my pregnant clients, and always the feedback has been positive. One woman told me that her osteopath had been amazed at the elasticity of her that her ligaments. Another took the tissue salts for her third pregnancy and reported that not only was the pregnancy and birth much more comfortable, the third child settled more easily and had fewer digestive issues than his older brother and sister.

What Are Tissue Salts?

The human body contains twelve vital mineral (tissue) salts, a proper balance of which is necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. Over 140 years ago, German physician Dr Wilhelm Schuessler (1821-1898) developed a system to restore balance of these vital salts using homeopathically prepared micro doses, which passes rapidly into the bloodstream and therefore into our cells. [i]

Tissue salts can be regarded as a half way house between nutritional supplements and homeopathy.

The Role of Tissue Salts in Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are increased nutritional requirements due to the needs of the developing baby. So proper maternal nutrition is very important to keep up with the physiological changes and to maintain optimal health for both mother and baby. The tissue salts pregnancy protocol helps to meet the increased requirement of micro-nutrients and maintains the balance of these minerals in the mother's body. The salts are easily assimilated because they are diluted micro-doses, and they do not cause unwanted side effects like nausea or constipation.[ii]

Tissue Salts Recommended for Pregnancy

Calcarea fluor - Helps in development of bones and teeth, and maintains elasticity of connective tissue. This is very important for the mother since the pelvic bones and muscles stretch and need to be supple. Also improves circulation, and reduces the likelihood of developing varicose veins and piles.

Ferrum phos - Improves iron absorption from food and supplements, building haemoglobin and maintaining iron levels., This salt has anti- inflammatory properties, helping prevent infections and counteracting sore, swollen, inflamed joints.

Mag phos – Has anti- spasmodic properties, and is taken to prevent cramping of muscles in legs and feet, sooth an irritable womb and optimise magnesium levels, and helping to prevent colic in babies after birth.

Nat mur - Improves the absorption of fluids, helping to prevent body and foot swelling, high blood pressure, and oedema. It can help with morning sickness and prevent loss of hair during childbirth and lactation. It also helps build up the milk supply for breast feeding. Silicea - It is the main constituent in the hair, nails, and connective tissue. It helps to maintain overall health of the mother and baby. In particular, it helps prevent mastitis and cracked nipples.

Kali Phos – The main mineral constituent of nerve and brain tissue, it helps in the healthy development of these systems. Helps keep you calm and improves sleep and hyper – emotionality.

The Protocol

Each month a combination of three tissues salts is taken, 1-2 times a day. Four different combinations are used, being rotated through the months from month two to the ninth month.

If you would like a short 30 minute consultation to learn how this protocol works + purchase the 4 combination remedies, contact me on ann@restoringhealth.com.au.

Cost $150

Use medicines only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare practitioner. This advice does not replace professional care.

These suggestions are for the treatment of minor aliments only and are not suitable for the treatment of chronic, serious or on-going illness.

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